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When Traveling Choose the Best Transportation Too

We went on a whirlwind tour of other countries we wanted to see when we retired. We were able to retire early due to some very wise investing. We took our first trip out of the country to visit Singapore. My wife has some relatives who are from there. I am an architecture buff, and they have some really neat buildings in Singapore that have outdoor park-like spaces built right into the buildings. We enjoyed everything about our trip from the hotel to the bus charter in Singapore that took us around to see a bunch of landmarks I had read about.

The bus was huge and really comfortable. It was not cramped like a transit bus would be for city commuters. This one was set up to transport passengers in comfort and style. The overall look and design of the bus made it look like a modern transport vehicle one might see in a sci-fi movie. This was no old bus. The company that provided the bus charter in Singapore has a very well maintained fleet of vehicles suitable for all sorts of chartering needs. I got so comfy on the bus that I dozed off while we were going from one building to the next a few miles away. My wife poked me in the side when I started to snore. I could not help it. The reclining seat was as comfortable as my recliner at home.

One of the biggest things about traveling is your transportation. Some folks put way too much emphasis on the hotels. I want the transportation to be perfect too. Spending hours going from one location to another in discomfort is not fun. This is why we fly a better class and choose the best when we tour something. It makes for a much more pleasantly memorable vacation.