What It Means to Remain Christian when Writing for the World

emergency artist backOne possible problem or challenge that a Christian author may face is how to effectively express his or her views and hold on to their foundational Christian beliefs when trying to write for the public at large. The reason this can be problematic is because sometime, Christian values and ideals are not readily acceptable by the public. On the other hand, those with similar views and a Christian background, can appreciate what these authors have to say and find it a great source of inspiration in their lives.

Maintaining strong Christian principles despite what a portion of the populace thinks of it, is in fact part of being a Christian. Staying true to the teachings of The Bible and Jesus Christ within it is what those of the Christian faith believe they have been asked to do. This extends to those who choose to write of their life over the Internet. In addition to staying true to the Christian idealogies with regards to how they write, they must also be cognizant of what other messages their website contains.

The Christian author’s website should contain advertisements and postings that are also inline with the beliefs of the Christrian faith. It would be inconsistent if for instance images of violence or of suggestive behavior were present. All of these things play a part in how the page is perceived as well as the image of the author who professes to be a member of the Christian faith.

In short, the responsibilities of being a Christian author for the Internet encompass not only the direct Christian messages they are trying to share but the manner in which they are presented. If this is followed through with correctly, it lends credibility to the message the author is trying to portray and that is one of Christian positivity.


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