Thoughts and Opinions from a Christian

We Needed to Clean Up the Trail

Even though our town is very small, all of the residents take pride in it. We have a really nice park in the center of town, and people of all ages love to go there. The kids enjoy the playground equipment, and the older folks enjoy the park benches and the walking trails. It was because of these trails that we needed to hire a tree service in asheville nc. It was the closest city to us, even though it was still 30 minutes away, and I was thankful they were able to come out to help us with a problem.

I am on city council, so it was up to us to decide if we wanted to close the trails because of some storm damage. There are trees on both sides of the trail, and a major wind storm had brought several large trees down. We knew it was too dangerous to leave the trees how they were, because there were some that just had branches dangling from them. We took a vote, and we knew that we had to spend whatever it cost, because there are just too many people who enjoy the walking trails.

The tree service told us they would give us an estimate on the cost before doing any work. I appreciated that, because we wanted to fix the trail, but we didn’t want to dry up the town’s savings either. Thankfully, the quote came in at a very reasonable price, and I think that we may even be able to get reimbursed with a grant. The tree service company did an excellent job and took down the trees that were posing a danger to the town’s residents. I am really glad that we were able to do this, because I enjoy my walks on the trail too!