We Didn’t Want to Move, but We Had to in Order for Me to Keep My Job

I’ll tell you that I was not actually pleased that my only choice to keep my job was to move to a position in another region of the country. The company I worked for was moving its laboratory operations to Utah. I did not want my wife to have to give up her job, but she told me that my job paid more and the benefits were too much to give up. We found ourselves looking for apartments in Taylorsville Utah. We had the kids look with us to pick a place.

When we saw the website for the Autumn Glen Apartments, the kids honed in on a couple of things. The first was the swimming pool, and the second was that the pet policy allowed pets. We have been hearing them ask for a puppy for more than a year now, but our old place did not allow pets. One older lady in the building has a cat, but she has been there since the place was built. No one bothers her about it. I must admit that I would like for us to have a family dog. They can be a lot of work, but they are a lot of fun too.

My wife and I looked at the more practical options for Autumn Glen, and we liked that the kitchen has a dishwasher and disposal. We also like it that the apartment has washer and dryer hookups. Our old place does not have that. Having a washer and dryer in our apartment would be so much nicer than going to a laundry room. Another benefit is that covered parking is available. I have never liked leaving our vehicles parked out in the open. We were sold on the place as soon as we checked it out. The kids wanted to move in the same day so they could go swimming.


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