This is the Nicest Condo Development I Have Seen in Singapore for Some Time

Some nice places are being built in Singapore. They get more extravagant all the time. The written words describing the amenities lack the ability to describe what you are really getting. We had to jump on the deal to get a four bedroom place at the parc life price list. The two and five bedroom places sold out fast. That is how it goes with these development projects in Singapore. People buy these condos as investment properties. We wanted to own one to live in. Rather than being tenants where others have lived before, we saved our money to buy our own place that no one had lived in before. We will be the first people in the new four bedroom condo here.

We are looking forward to the scheduled move-in date. It is getting closer each day. Situated at Choa Chu Kang Avenue 5, the iNz residences are quite a bit of a departure from the standard things I have seen for executive condos. Of course this place has your steam room, infinity pool and other features such as an outdoor play area for children. I think it is the more upscale look that caught my eye. The standard features need to be seen in the artist renditions of this development project to be appreciated. I can hardly wait to see our condo finished.

We took the plunge this time and leased as early as we could. We are just very happy that we did not need a two or five bedroom condo as they sold out pretty fast. Our four bedroom condo at the iNz Residences is exactly what we wanted. The dining and living room floors are going to be tiled. Major appliances are included such as the washer, dryer and refrigerator. The price for these condos is right about where I would expect it to be for a residential condo unit of this size and quality.


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