They Did a Great Job in Our Bathroom

When my wife and I set about remodeling, we looked into custom glass in Somerset County, NJ to see if we could find a company with a sterling reputation to handle the most difficult part of the job. We were upgrading our master bedroom and the attached closet and bathroom, and we really worried about the bathroom the most. We had most of the work on the bedroom and closet nailed down, but the bathroom was a trickier proposition. What with the plumbing, tile work, and associated fixtures, we knew we were in for a grueling experience.

Or at least we thought so until we found a glass company online who does all sorts of work with mirrors and glass related items. We gave them a call and explained what we were planning on doing and they sent someone out to the house to take a look around. This initial visit ended up taking a fair amount of time as we needed to explain what our plans for the bathroom. Little did we know how many types of glass we could choose from for our mirrors! It’s incredible how each type of glass has a different look and utility. Our heads were spinning!

We also decided to use them for our shower. We needed a superior type of glass door for the shower that would look nice and be easy to maintain. We went with a type of glass that involves beveling as that provides a bit of privacy when you’re looking into the shower. We also learned you can’t use panes of regular glass in the shower because if they break you’ll end up cut to shreds? So not only did we get our bathroom looking great with the mirrors and the shower doors, but we also learned a lot about glass in the process!


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