There is a Good Way to Keep Your Child out of Trouble

It seems like technology is moving faster than I can keep up. My kids do wonderfully with it, and I would too, if I had the time. But working 50 hours per week keeps me from having the luxury of spending much time with all the new apps that come out. My daughter has been using an app to talk to someone a bit too much, and she won’t talk to me about it. Another parent told me that Kik spy apps are available. They allow you to install them in seconds and then you can check to see what your kid is up to. I think this is incredibly important and ingenious.

The problem with my daughter is that we previously had an issue with her making plans with other kids that would we would say no to. She knew that we wouldn’t allow her to go to some of the places that her friends were going to, so she stopped asking and decided to get sneaky about it instead. In my day, a parent could demand that you talk to your friends on the phone while the parent was in the room so that they could hear everything. Also, a parent could pick up a house phone and listen in quietly to see what their child was up to. But now, kids have cell phones and can easily talk to friends when parents are out of earshot. Separately, you would need to sit right next to them and demand to read every message they send and receive, which would be cumbersome at best.

Downloading the spy app was no trouble at all. Once downloaded, I only needed to put in my daughter’s account info, and then suddenly, I had access to her ingoing and outgoing communications on the chat program she was using. I was then able to see that she was planning on sneaking out that very night, and I was able to thwart her plans and keep her safe.


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