The New Air is Here

The summer heat is coming in, even though there is still a little more time until summer is officially here. I hate having to deal with the heat, because something always goes wrong with my air conditioner. Over the years, it has broken down countlessly, and one day I finally had enough of it. Rather than getting repairs for the HVAC in NYC, I decided to go with a new person to install a new system for my home. The old system had been in the home since it was built over 50 years ago, so it was long overdue for a replacement.

When the installer cme to my home, he was shocked to see the old system still in my home. He hadn’t seen a system like that in years. To him, this was like working on an old relic that had been found in some kind of ancient temple. I didn’t really think about how old the system was when I was using it. I guess because I was so focused on having it work, I didn’t really care how old it was, although everyone else who looked at it would mention that they don’t make those kinds of systems anymore.

The installation of the new system was like a breath of fresh air being brought into my home. The system pumped out the air like it was filling up an entire stadium with cold air. The old system would make all kinds of sounds when it came on, and I always thought it was going to break on me any day. The new system would come on without making so much as a sound, and it would be whisper quiet throughout the whole day. It was like I had bought a new home and moved from my old one.


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