The Dinner Bell Was My Favorite

I grew up in a neighborhood where we had sidewalks and all of the houses on the street looked just like one another. Some people had bigger attached garages than others, and some had really nice manicured lawns. Some had painted their door a really cool loud color to set the difference from the rest of the front doors on the street. I was looking at the different ways that Treasure at Tampines could actually make a difference in my life if I were to go to a condo. At home when we went out to play at the other kid’s houses we would all stay out until we had the street lights turned on. When we had to go home for dinner each mom had their own way of calling their kids home to eat before we could all meet up again after the dinner we all had at home with our families.

My mom used to ring a dinner bell that you would actually see on a farm and it would ring so loud that I could hear it two blocks over from where my mom was and where my friends and I were playing. I had a friend whose mom could whistle so loud that if we didn’t hear it, all the dogs in the area would and they would all start barking and howling so loud that we knew that it was his mom blowing her lips together and allowing just a little bit of air out. It did not take much for all of the dogs in the area to get started for us to know that it was his time to go home. Back then, both boys and girls played outside and there was nothing more than the purity of children playing together in the dirt.


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