Starting Our Amateur Family Scrap Metal Business

We started buying soda in cans to take to work and school for our bagged lunches. We were putting the cans in recycling containers at work and school. I asked who collected the cans, and the guy emptying them said they are supposed to be picked up by a local non-profit group, Hes said it is hit or miss sometimes. I asked what happens if they do not pick them up. The worker told me they just get thrown out with the rest of the trash. With scrap metal prices on the rise, I thought that was a waste. So, I started taking my cans home with me.

I asked the kids and my wife to bring their empty cans back home too. I had a blue plastic barrel that once held 55 gallons of corn syrup. I got it from where I work. It was not long before we had the barrel full of crushed aluminum cans. It was very heavy. I got another empty barrel from work and cleaned out the syrup residue. We started to fill that barrel with aluminum cans as well. I got a third can to put in any copper scrap we had from old extension cords to leftover pieces of wiring I did on the side as a part time electrician. I even kept the copper pipe scraps when we had our kitchen and bathroom renovated, plus neighbors and relatives gave me their scrap aluminum and copper.

It was not long before I had more weight than I could lift into my truck by hand all at once. I had to transfer the barrel contents to boxes and bags to load my truck. We decided as a family to use the money to have a day at the amusement park in the summer. We had a lot more than we needed to pay for all of that. We used it for movies and meals out for quite a few family outings. We plan on keeping up our little scrap business to earn extra money for things that are fun to do.


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