Thoughts and Opinions from a Christian

Started to Work on the Cottage

Of course it was an easy idea to switch to DirecTV after we started working on the cottage. We live about a block and a half away from a college campus and we had enough land to build a couple of residential units. This was what made the most sense, because I figured that I would set it up so that the satellite tv would be included in the rent. It is pretty simple so long as everyone just needs one TV. That is all that there is to it. The deal I signed will let me have up to five boxes and I shall put one of them in each of the rooms in the duplex. Of course I will have to put a code in it to keep the tenants from renting the pay per view programs. I think the last Maywell fight cost you seventy five dollars to rent on Time Warner. I do not know what it cost on Direct TV. I would guess that it was pretty close to the same price for any format.

It would be a lot better if I could stack these units up one on top of the other, but that would really tee off the neighbors. They are not in favor of any college students moving in to my place, but of course I have a plan. I am going to discriminate against men for a very simple reason. I know very well that most men that age are going to be a great big pain to deal with. They are going to be partying and playing loud music and doing all sorts of things that they probably should not do. That is the way it is with college age boys and there is no sense in being fair to them.