Save a Bundle on Your Home Electricity

One way I saved money in retirement was to change my Pittsburgh electricity company. I retired recently from a local legal firm and thought I’d saved enough money to weather the retirement years, but I also knew emergencies can happen and that I would need to jettison some costly expenditures that I might not be able to afford a few years down the road. The biggest savings I made by far was by going online and finding other options for my home energy. I should have done it earlier since the bill has been going up for years, but now was the time to do it for real.

When I saw that I actually had a number of options, I was surprised. Energy companies generally tend to lock down certain cities and regions and then use their political clout to keep the competition at bay. Anyone who has lived in Pittsburgh knows the local boys down at city hall like to keep their fingers in all sorts of pies. But there it was online; I could choose from a number of utility companies and get the power for my home at a significantly less cost than I had been paying with my long term supplier.

According to the site it is all about energy deregulation. This deregulation has really opened up previously closed regions and it’s saving people in the know a lot of money. I only wished I’d known about this earlier because it really is an amazing deal. I’ve been spreading the word to my family and friends because saving money is important no matter how much money you make. I’m betting this competition is going to lead to better services and less outages, too, as competition usually makes everyone tighten up their game. I can’t wait to see the savings rolling in!


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