Thoughts and Opinions from a Christian

Running in My Own Home

I like to walk and run for exercise, but sometimes it can be an inconvenience to do in inclement weather. I also can’t run at night, because there isn’t enough light to see what’s going on. I have this fear that I might be hit by a car or robbed by someone. Sometimes it’s just better to exercise indoors, which is what I’ve done in the past when I had a gym membership. Those memberships can be pretty expensive. Paying for a treadmill was a better economical choice, which is why I searched for the best compact treadmills that money could buy.

I chose to get a compact treadmill rather than a regular one because I wanted the treadmill to be easily stored away while not in use. There’s nothing more unsightly than having a big exercise machine in your living space. I’d rather have something that can fold down and slide under my couch or at least not be visible while I have company over. A compact treadmill also had the added advantage of being easy to move around, which is good if I decide to move the treadmill to a different room or move it upstairs.

The treadmill I purchased is fully electrical and has a folding deck. It can raise and lower to increase the intensity of the workout, as if you are running up or downhill. It can even track your progress and has different workout modes. I like to use the triathlon training mode, where there are long periods of high intensity, followed by short periods of low intensity. This kind of back and forth keeps the body from getting used to the workout, while giving it a chance to rest. By the end of my run, I’ve worked up quite a sweat and an appetite.