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Old Age Doesn’t Mean Becoming a Burden

Do you know which is the biggest shock any man ever receive in his life? It is the moment when he knows he is an old man. In ancient time old persons were getting respect and care from youngsters but now that culture no longer exist. Now a days everyone hate to be treated as an old man by others which is why a senior companion in Queens is so great. At the time of his retirement itself a person starts face some new issues in his life. These issues may be financial, keeping relationships or health issues. Another problem is the slow life lead by elders. After retirement they are free from official duties and that make them feel lazy and slow.

So we can see after retirement old people face multiple problems in their life.The first problem which affect an old person after retirement is financial issues. After the retirement they are usually getting lower income compared to previous days. Most of the old people are forcibly retired from their regular jobs due to company or government policies. So they cannot continue their work even if they wish. Many of them are not in a situation to start their own business due to either physical or psychological issues. So they decide to lead their life with the limited income.Health issues are also very much disturbing for old people. Aging process decreases the immune power and old people are more vulnerable to diseases.

In addition to the lower immune power, they lost their previous physical abilities. They may face issues with walking or jogging. Very old people may find it extremely difficult to cross a road. So they feel the life is very hard and nothing to enjoy. Another major problem faced by old people is about keeping relationships. As they are not physically fit as they are in young ages, it can make a gap in relationships with old friends. So in a nutshell old people need care and love from young people. They were young once and made this world for us. So it is the time to show our gratitude towards them.