Thoughts and Opinions from a Christian

New Port and New Places to Find

I am in the United States Navy and I have to travel around a lot. I use a lot of the services when I am in a new city for a while. I love being able to just go from port to port every four years. I finally made it to the West Coast after serving for ten years on the East Coast. I knew that I was going to have to find a mobile auto detailing in San Diego that could come to navy housing and actually wash my car for me. When I came over from the East Coast my car was absolutely ruined and I knew that I was going to have to go and spend some time looking at all of the different places that were going to tell me that they would be worthy of washing my great new sports car.

I knew that it was going to be risky if I drove my brand new sports car across country but I did not have another vehicle at the time and the navy paid for my things to go from coast to coast. Before I could even unpack my things, I had to get all of the dirt and the rock marks buffed but I did not want to have to go out and go from place to place and actually risk getting more things done to my car. I could not believe it when I had a tractor trailer pull out in front of me and almost threw me off of the road because it was really close and I knew that he was going to pull out and he did when it was almost too late to do so. The police officer caught up to him and pulled him over to my delight.