My Son Needed Help with Physics

My son came home from school one day a few months ago feeling distressed. He showed me the results of a physics exam, and I admit that I was shocked too. It was not a failing grade, but even a mediocre grade was abnormal for him. He confessed that he had been struggling for a while in the class but had been doing his best. I wish that he had talked to me earlier, because as I explained to him, there are solutions to problems like this. I told him we would find a physics tuition teacher together.

I wanted him involved because I wanted the teacher to be one that he felt comfortable with. We looked at quite a few, because there are actually a lot of tutors in our area. That fact alone shows how important it is to not only get a good grade in this subject but to have a good understanding of the subject matter too. He found one that he liked, and he showed me the handwritten testimonials from others who have used him in the past. After reading several of the testimonials, I knew that we had found the person that would help my son.

I was impressed that he had a wide variety of classes. I thought for sure that we would have to juggle our schedules around to fit in the tutoring class, but we were able to schedule it for a Saturday, the one day that we had free if we chose to. From the very first class, my son was a changed man. He not only started understanding the lessons, but he was excited to learn even more. I think these classes have a sparked something in him that his regular class just could not do, so I am grateful for that reason alone!


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