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My Mom Needed My Help Very Quickly

I know for a fact that my mom’s ceiling in her bedroom started leaking over one year ago. She tries to tell me that is not true, but I know it is. I told her repeatedly that she needed to call someone very quickly about roof repair in Brooklyn NY so they could come fix the problem. I even pointed out that ignoring the situation would most definitely make the situation grow worse. She was the one who had taught me in life that very thing, but yet, she was ignoring that very good advice herself. In the end, I called someone to come over and do it for her.

I didn’t realize it, but my senior mother was struggling with her mind because of dementia. She had promised that she would get a lot of things done, but then she would ignore them. Each time I came over, I had to help her clean or do something else around her house. She was always grateful for the help, but I couldn’t understand why she was ignoring so many things herself. I didn’t know then that she was doing the best that she could. So, I kept my mouth shut and simply helped her whenever I came over.

About a year after I had spotted the ceiling trouble in her bedroom, part of the ceiling caved in. She called me in a panic. I rushed over to help her. It was then that I made the call for her. She just cried and cried. I told her that everything would be fine, and someone would be over to help her. In the meantime, I made sure that she took her afternoon nap on the couch, rather than in bed! A kind man from a roofing company came over to help that day.