My Good Fortune of Love

For many years, I had been very lonely. A lot of females did not give me the time of day. They completely avoided me like the plague. I would get very envious when I saw other men with their girlfriends and wives. I felt that I should have a shot at happiness like everyone else. I liked a lot of women, but they did not share my feelings. I called a medium and got psychic phone readings. They helped me find my fiancee.

I tried many methods to find that special someone. I applied for numerous dating sites. I could not find a woman that I was totally compatible with one hundred percent. My friends tried to hook me up with blind dates, but they did not work out. My friends showed me their pictures. I did not find any of these women physically attractive. I was definitely at the end of my romantic rope.

One late night, I had insomnia. I could not sleep, so I decided to watch television. I saw a commercial about a psychic named Madam Sonya. She claimed to be the best psychic in the world. She promised to help customers. I picked the phone and called her. I spoke to Madam Sonya personally. She told me to go to a Korean restaurant to find a girlfriend.

The very next day, I went to a Korean restaurant. The food was really good. I accidentally bumped into a Korean-American woman named Jenny. She was very beautiful. We chatted for a while and instantly connected. I fell in love at first sight.

Jenny and I are so much in love with each other. We have set a wedding date and plan on getting married soon. I am glad I took Madam Sonya’s advice. Her visions changed my life for the better. I am thankful for her wisdom and talented abilities.


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