My Goal is to Help As Many Pets As Possible

I had been planning to open a dog rescue for quite some time. I volunteered for a rescue for many years, and I learned all that I could. I didn’t want to open one myself to become competition the way most people do when they open another business. I did it because our town desperately needs more help for more dogs. I rented an old building, ripped out the flooring, had LVT underlayment put down and vinyl flooring put over the top of that. This type of flooring is best when animals are involved. This was the first step that I made in getting the place ready for animals. I had a lot more work to do.

You really do not have to spend a lot of money setting up whatever building that you plan to use. You can get away with very basic surroundings. Dogs are not people. Humans are a bit more picky, but you can always use fresh coats of paint and other simple things to make things look appealing to humans. A dog doesn’t care how much money you spend on decorations or the shelving that you use. As long as they have a place to feel safe and secure, they’re happy. Most of the money needed comes into play with all the food, supplements, healthcare and many more things that animals need. That was what I planned to focus a lot of attention on.

When people learned that I was starting up a new business that would help save more pets, I was really touched by how many people stepped forward to donate some of the things that I would need. People brought in everything from kennels, beds, to food, toys and so much more. Some people who are in the construction business even helped to paint and do other things, too.


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