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Looking at This Little House in the Suburbs

I was out on a a renovation job the other day and I came across this potential opportunity. I was helping this guy with the installation of a big set of tempered glass shower doors in Essex county NJ. I had not ever done anything like that before, but we figured out how we we were going to do it and we took our time. If you were the right time of fool you could do some serious damage with this thing, because you are dealing with a great big chunk of tempered glass. I would estimate that this shower door must have weighed around sixty five pounds or something like that. It is a quarter inch thick and if it fell on you from any height it could give you a very serious headache. At any rate this guy was not going to take a chance on trying to put it up by himself and I did not charge him too much for it.

At any rate there was another house about five blocks from where he lives. He told me about the place and I got the drift of what he had in mind from the start. He was looking for a couple of people who wanted to go in on him with this thing. In theory it looks like a great idea. It is the obvious candidate for a fix it up job. For starters it looks like it is a bit of a shambles. The people who own it apparently do not have the money or inclination to fix it up like you would if you wanted to get the best price. Of course he is saying that the guy who is selling is sort of acting like he does not care about moving the place.