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Kids Get into the Game Easily

My sister asked me to help her find some smartphone games that her daughter would enjoy. When I asked my sister what kinds of games does her daughter like, she told me that she enjoys games that have real life tasks. The first game that came to mind was My Cafe, because it pretty much lets you run a cafe. There is one thing about the game that would probably get my sister into trouble and that was micro transactions. It’s a good thing the cheats for My Cafe make it possible to avoid the micro transactions all together.

When kids play games with micro transactions in them, they usually start buying all kinds of digital items with their parents credit card information. The kids don’t realize what they’re doing and rack up lots of charges, and when the parents find out, they’re shocked and want a refund. In the My Cafe game, since you can get diamonds and coins with micro transactions, it would be pretty easy for my niece to start tapping on the screen and buying them. That’s why I figured it would be best to save everyone the trouble and just install the cheats before my niece can start playing the game.

Every time I see my niece, she always wants to show me how much progress she’s made in the game. She started out serving a few customer in the cafe, and now she has a room full of people drinking coffee and eating snacks. It always amazes me how kids can start playing games at an early age and catch on pretty quickly. When I was a kid, we didn’t have smart phones, and all of our games were on the television or battery operated handheld devices, and the graphics were much worse than they are now. Kids have it made these days.