Keeping in Touch is Easier Than Every Now

It is so fun to be in touch with friends within only seconds. I love to share what I am doing at various times of day, and they like to do the same with me. It really helps us to feel connected. I just learned how to use a fun snap hack that someone told me is available. I thought that sort of thing was for young, technically-minded kids who are a lot smarter than me, but it turns out that it not that way at all. If someone like me can use it with no trouble, anyone else can, too.

I first began getting into sending photos via text after my kids began sending them to me first. It is nice to know what your kids are up to at random times per day. I know that when I was a young girl, my mom often grilled me when I got home because she wanted to hear about my day. I often tossed a flippant “Oh, I was here and there” to her as I came home and went straight to my bedroom. I am sure that hurt her feelings because I know it would bother me if my kids did it. But today’s kids are much more apt to share thanks to the technology that is available to all of us.

I did not get on the social media train without a struggle. I grew up not being able to share life easily, so it was mostly lost on me. But then I realized that you need to see what your children are doing, and in order to do that, I would need to be part of their lives when it comes to technology. Soon after, I realized just how much fun it is. I feel closer to my children as a result.


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