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Just Got Back to Kentucky

I came back to the United States through Canada the other day. I have to do some stuff before they let me out of the 101st Air Mobile Division, but in essence I am going to be out in a couple of weeks. My girl and I are going to move to Lexington Kentucky. She is already enrolled in grad school at UK and I am going to start taking classes next semester. Of course I will probably join the U.S Army Reserves. That makes a lot of sense. You definitely want to put that behind you, but the reserves give you some real advantages and the stuff that you have to do is not all that tough. At least it is not much compared to being at the tip of the spear. When you are with the 101st you have a pretty good idea of where you are going to be if things go bad. If you are in a heavy maneuver unit, then it takes a lot of time for them to deploy you to where the trouble is. An Air Mobile Division is intended to be ready to move at an instant’s notice.

We are going to go look for a bigger place this weekend. Right now she is living with a friend of her’s in this little place near the campus. The guy who owns it is not interested in letting me move in. He apparently only rents to girls, which is understandable if you know anything about guys who are of the age of the kids who are going to college at UK. They are not to be trusted and it would definitely be easier for you to not deal with college aged guys if you had a choice in the matter and I am not going to say he doesn’t.