I’m Moving to a Great City to Help Start a Company

I could have never guessed that I would one day be living in an apartment for rent in North Las Vegas at all. I had never even had a chance to visit there prior to moving there. Vegas is one of those cities in the US that everyone hears about often, and that includes New York City and Los Angeles, too. My best friend of mine decided to open up an online business, and she wanted me to be her partner. I told her I would love to do it and wondered how it would all work doing business together long distance, but she said she would prefer that I move there to where she is. After a lot of discussions back and forth, I decided she had the right idea.

My best friend and I have been together since the first day of high school when we met. She is the quirky fun one, and I am the reserved, yet friendly one. We used to daydream when we were much younger and talk about all the things that we would do when we were adults, including opening a business together. But as we grew older, we chalked those things up to simply being young and wistful. But the fact that one of our dreams has come true is good enough for this girl!

I will be mostly focusing on purchasing. I have always had a knack of knowing which things look best with one another. My friend, on the other hand, is fantastic at sales and bringing interest to whatever she does. We have decided that we will leave the marketing to someone else and will hire someone to handle that. We do not want to overburden ourselves. We will work hard to make sure this company is a success for a long time!


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