I Wanted to Feel More Feminine

I did not like my body not that long ago. I know that was probably the wrong attitude to have, but it is the only one I was able to have. I would look around at all of my friends and see how nice they looked, then I would look at my own figure and wish I had bigger breasts so I could feel a lot more feminine. Only my best friend knew how i felt about this, and she told me several months ago that according to breastaugmentationsource.net, I did not have to feel that way anymore.

I had no idea what she was talking about because she knew that I was not going to have surgery. That was the only way I knew how to get bigger breasts, at least at that time. I just refused to be operated on so I could have bigger breasts, because there were just too many risks associated with that. She told me that it had nothing to do with surgery, so I went to the site to see what it was about. That is how I found out about the breast enhancement products that really do work.

I got so excited, and I read the entire site in one sitting. I have always loved who I am, and the only thing I did not like was the size of my breasts, so this was very important to me. I ordered a three month supply of Total Curve, and I followed the instructions exactly as they were stated. I was not going to mess anything up by skipping a pill or not using the cream every single day. And, this worked! It did not happen overnight, but it did not take months either. I am just so excited that I finally feel feminine for the first time, and I love every part of me now!


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