I Needed to Lose Weight Quickly

There is nothing more shocking than an overweight woman trying to find a bathing suit to fit nicely. I had always been chubby, but I had gained even more weight over the winter months. I knew that I was gaining weight, but I figured that I would lose it in the summer when I was outside and a lot more active. I realized when I tried on bathing suits that I needed to do something before summer came. That is how I ended up looking at Medifast or Nutrisystem for a weight loss system to try.

I could not ask any of my friends for advice because most of them were in really good shape. The ones who were not had just mere pounds to lose rather than 30 or so like me. I went online instead to see what diet systems truly do work, and I was happy to be able to narrow it down to two of them. I still did not know anything about them, so I needed to find a website that would give me the honest answers that I was looking for. That is how I found the site that showed me why I needed Medifast to be the diet system to lose the weight.

While there is nothing with Nutrisystem at all, I just knew that I would have more luck with Medifast since I needed to lose the weight fast. Nutrisystem is more about winning the race altogether while Medifast is like a sprint. I knew that I would need to be hard on myself once I did lose the weight since Medifast is just low calorie food while Nutrisystem is teaching people how to make better food choices all around. I did end up losing what I needed with Medifast, and I lost even more than I expected. That alone was motivation for me to work hard to keep it off!


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