Thoughts and Opinions from a Christian

I Needed to Be Reminded That Everything Needs to Be Done in Moderation

I don’t know if most people understand how hard it is to carry around a lot of extra, unwanted weight. Trying to lose weight is not an easy job either. I put a lot of stress on my body when I was obese, and I also put too much stress on my body when I was working out and trying to get rid of the weight. I had to go to a Corte Madera chiropractor to remedy the issue so that I could get back on track again. It’s absolutely my fault in the first place because I pushed myself too hard based on my being unable to accept how slowly weight needs to come off for health and safety reasons.

I spent a lot of years putting on weight. I knew that I was gaining large amount of weight, but the first 35 or so pounds did not really seem like a big deal at first. I was able to carry around 35 pounds without much trouble. I was even able to maintain that weight for a couple of years, too. But I went through a depressed stage after losing a family member to cancer, and the weight started to creep on again.

By the time that I had put on eighty extra pounds, I was so frustrated with daily life. I was tired and fatigued because of the weight. I didn’t want to get up and do basic things that had to be done daily. That was depressing me, so I ate even more food. I finally started to work out, and I was unhappy with how slowly the weight was coming off. So, I pushed myself harder and harder. This affected my body in negative ways. I found myself unable to work out at all because of it. Chiropractic treatment helped. He also reiterated that I needed to be patient and care for my body instead of abusing it.