Thoughts and Opinions from a Christian

I Just Got Back from My Business Trip

In fact things did not go exactly to plan, although it had very little to do with business. I succeeded in what I set out to do and the boss is extremely pleased. In fact I do not think he expected me to bring back as much business as I did. It was the first time that I had gone out on the road, I am mostly involved in the plant operations, but I have the technical ability the clients wants. On the other hand I need to find someone who does bed bug exterminator in NYC now. I was staying at this place in Annapolis and I began to realize that something was biting me. It was just that simple and I was upset when I realized that it was probably bed bugs. In fact the problem had been solved some time ago. They managed to get rid of these pests, but only in this country. Then at some point they hitched a ride back in with an international traveler.

I was most unhappy to realize that I was probably going to bring the nasty things back in my house. So on the way home I stopped at a laundry to wash my clothes. I even changed out of the suit that I was wearing and took it to the dry cleaner. It was a good idea, but a couple of weeks later I realized that the little vermin had in fact managed to get in the house with me. I am not sure how, but they were biting me and I had to find a guy who could get rid of the things. He did not seem to think all that much of my infestation to be honest, apparently it was not that big of a deal to him.