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I Helped My Son Install Flooring at My House

When my son came home to live for a few months while his condo was getting remodeled, I asked him if he could help me with a few small jobs at the house. He completed the list I gave him in no time, and he asked if there was anything else that I wanted done while he was home. I had told him about a commercial I had seen for vinyl flooring in Singapore, but it was just too expensive for me to consider. Knowing how handy he is, I asked him if it was something he would be able to do.

Before committing to the job, he went online to see whether installing new vinyl flooring was easy or complicated. He found a website that was very in depth with the instructions. After reading through all of them carefully, he told me that it was something that the two of us would be able to do together. I had not even considered doing it myself but after reading the website my son shared with me, I realized that it was a much easier project to take on than I had realized.

He said there were three different types of flooring we could put on. After reading about all of them, I decided that I wanted to have the full spread floor. With this, we did not have to use any adhesive at all. Instead, the flooring pieces interlocked together. Doing it this way meant that we could just place it over the existing floor without having to worry about pulling any of it up. It was so easy, and it was also fun because it meant that my son and I spent even more time together on this unexpected stay of his. It also made me realize that I am fully capable of taking on more do-it-yourself projects too!