Thoughts and Opinions from a Christian

I Finally Grew a Moustache

When I was younger I always had really light hair on my body. I knew that when I got to menopause that it was going to be really hard for me to lose the weight so fast. I decided that I was going to lose weight. As I lost about sixty pounds, I had to go and make sure that the hormones were not too far off. I learned that my moustache was something a lot of women get at this point in their life and that laser hair removal in Rocklin CA would actually be able to help me kill off all of the hairs at the root and that would mean that the hair would not grow back because it would actually kill and do something with the root. I was really not sure what to expect so I went to the office with an appointment in hand to see if I could actually see some before and after pictures as I was hoping to do other parts of my body.

My husband told me that since it was so important to me that he would support me no matter what I wanted to do. I thought that it was really hard to be able to go and ask him to support me if I was doing something really serious because it would be a lot to have to do something like that. It could be hard for me to ask him to help me pay for something if I do not have all of the facts about. He wants me to spend my money very cautiously and I have to say that I agree that it is important that I go and spend a lot of time with the different people that I agree with and that makes me happy.