Thoughts and Opinions from a Christian

I Feel Safer with ADT Now

When I bought my new house, I liked everything about it other than the fact that it did not have a security system. I knew that I would not feel safe staying even one night there until one was installed, so it was the first thing I took care of as soon as I signed the papers to make it mine. I had looked online at different companies, and I liked what was able to offer me over all the other companies selling security systems.

The main thing I liked about it was the company that they promote, which is ADT Security. I have had them for years, so I knew that they are experienced and a great company to have on standby. I have never had any break-in attempts, but they have checked on me when my alarm went off because of a faulty battery before. Knowing that they will check on even the smallest of things makes them a great company in my eyes. Other companies offer the same service though, which is why I looked beyond the monitoring company. I looked at the cost of the equipment as well as the installation, and that is another reason why I chose this company.

I liked that I would get the system for free, and that it would be installed for a low price as well. I was able to add on to the basic system because I wanted to have alarms placed on all of my windows, even the second story ones. Call me paranoid, but at least I am protected now should anyone try to break into my house in any way. Not only will they find it quite hard to get in, but the authorities will be alerted immediately about their crime as well. As soon as the alarm system was installed, I was able to move in without any worries.