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I Cracked the Screen on My New Phone

I just got my new iPhone a few months ago. I have had a smartphone in one form or another for over eight years now, and I have never broken one. I have just replaced them to get a new model, but I honestly believe I could still be using the first one I had when I was just 16 years old. That is why I did not get the warranty that was offered when I bought my new one because I didn’t think I would need it. Well, I did a search for a Richmond iPhone repair company a few days ago because for the first time ever, I did break my phone.

I did not actually break it, but I did drop it.The screen cracked in a few spots, but the phone is still fully functional. I have never had a cracked screen before, and I was mortified because I knew I didn’t want to replace my phone after spending so much money on it. I did contact the store where I bought it, and I nearly fainted when they told me how much they would charge me to fix it.

I contemplated just keeping it with a cracked screen, but I knew that was not going to work after using it that way for a couple of days. I decided to see if there was another place that could fix it for less money, and that is how I found i-Rite. They fix all kinds of electronics, including my new iPhone. The price was definitely better than what I was quoted by the Apple store, so I went to the location that is only about ten minutes from my house. They had my screen replaced in less than 20 minutes, which was amazing in itself. I am now a lot more careful with my phone!