I Am Moving into My New Condo Soon

The first time I saw the New Futura development, I knew that I would be calling it home one day. I saw it before the new construction had even started, so I knew that I had some time to make it happen. I was already working in the area, but I was living with my brother and his family. I could afford to have my own place, but I was not able to find anything that made me want to invest my time or resources into it until I saw this development on Leonie Hill Road.

The reason I liked it so much is because it is so close to everything, but it seems remote as well. It is like having the best of both worlds. I like that the train station is just a short walk away for the days I don’t feel like driving. I also like that the parking is not in a lot surrounding the condos but in an underground parking garage beneath the condos. That just gives the entire development a much cleaner and crisper look. It does not take me long to get from the underground garage to my condo either, which is another plus.

The features that are available for the entire condo community are nice, and I am glad that they are available. However, my main focus was actually on the layout of the condo itself. I spend the majority of my time inside when I am not working, so I wanted to make sure I would feel comfortable in whichever condo I would get at New Futura. As soon as I saw the floor plans, I knew that I was going to make one of them my new home. I did that recently, and my move-in day is in the next couple of weeks. This new chapter in my life is pretty exciting for me.


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