Thoughts and Opinions from a Christian

I Am Back from School Again

Of course it is nice to be home, but I think that Mom and Dad would like to do something else with my room. Dad wants to measure it out for a pool table and my Mom wants to use it to do her sewing and crafting. At any rate I got a job with a Hendersonville tree service for the summer, although I do not really do the dangerous stuff. I do not even have a pair of those spikes the guys strap to their boots to climb trees. I borrowed some from one of them just to see if I could use them. The other guy was drinking whiskey straight from the bottle, and talking like a real hillbilly I guess. I can not hardly understand him when he is sober, when he has a few drinks it is impossible to understand him. He is really good when it comes to climbing up trees and cutting them down bit by bit.

Of course I am just down on the ground cleaning up the mess, but it is a bit more complicated than that. For one thing you have to be careful. I wear a yellow hard hat, but that is not going to do a thing if you get hit by a piece of wood that might weigh thirty pounds after it has dropped 30 feet or more. You have to think about that first of all and always be aware of what is coming down from the heavens. I have to also try to protect the ground from these heavy pieces of wood by piling up limbs for them to land upon. If they do not hit this they will half bury themselves in the ground and make a hole in the yard that might be a foot deep.