Hair Clip Ins from Natural Hair

I have some hair extensions but they are getting pretty old. Actually, they are kind of destroyed because my cat got a hold of them, but that just makes me sad to think about and so I want to just think about the fact that they were old anyway. I was planning to use them at an upcoming party that I was going to go to. It is a bit of a formal party and so I need to look nice. Now I need to buy new natural hair clip ins and I am going to be very particular about the natural hair part. I do not want to buy anything that did not come from the head of a real live human.

I have seen some of the fake hair extensions before in the past, and I can tell you that they do not really even come close to matching one the ones that are made from real hair looks like. I am glad that hair is dead and not like other parts of the body. That way you can just cut off someone’s hair, bunch it together, and make extensions for someone else.

I am sure that hair rots in the ground if it is given enough time, but I think it will last a lot longer than most of the parts of the body. Although, I am not really sure about that, and I do not care enough to look it up online to see if that is actually the case. Instead, I want to start browsing selections for hair extensions online to see if I can hurry up and find some that I like. It is important that I order them today to make sure that they will be shipped to my house in time for the party.


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