Fun Times in the Water

On a whim, a friend decided to have a pool party at the Seaside Residences in Siglap. It was a pretty funny idea, considering that the building is by the sea, yet he wanted the party confined to a pool. Either way, I was ready to go because I love a good pool party. My friend planned the party out a month in advance, which gave me enough time to get to the gym and exercise some of my flab away. I wanted to have everything looking tight and toned so when I stepped into the water, there would be nothing but muscle showing. I’m not particularly muscular, but with enough exercise I can look pretty fit.

My friend requested that everyone bring a water gun to the party so they could have a little water war. Before the pool party, the last time I was in a water war was in high school when all of the seniors brought their guns to school and sprayed each other during a free period. I still have my old water gun from those days and it works just like a new gun. My friend filled up a bunch of water balloons and tossed them at people while they were in the pool. He made a pretty good call in having a water war, because it made everyone act like they were kids again.

At the deep end of the pool, people were testing out their diving skills by jumping off the diving board. Some of them had been swimmers in high school and knew how to do all kinds of crazy flips with their dives. All I really knew how to do was a simple cannon ball. Whenever I get on the diving board, I always have this fear that I’m going to flip and head my head on the board. For that reason, I try to keep my dives simple, or just not dive at all.


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