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Flyers is an Effecting Marketing Tool

My husband and I have had a dream of opening our own ethnic restaurant here in Singapore for nearly the entire time we have been dating and then married. We ate at so many different places when we dated, and we always thought we could do better. Well, we worked hard toward that dream, and we are opening up our restaurant doors in just a few weeks. We know we are good as far as food, and we did a search for flyer distribution in Singapore to see if this would be the best way to go to get the word out about our new restaurant opening.

We knew that once people tasted any dish on our menu, that they would more than likely come back to either have it again or to see if the other dishes that we create are just as delicious. So, having them return was not the issue because we were confident that they would definitely do that on their own. We just needed to think of the best way to let everyone know in the area that we are going to be serving up some delicious cuisine without spending a ton of money on marketing.

That is how we decided to look at the distribution of flyers that we wanted to help create. We found a company that creates and distributes flyers, and the cost was a lot lower than what a television or radio ad would be. Plus, we both knew that with the right graphics on the flyer, people would be intrigued to read to see what it was about. We have already had a couple thousand distributed, and we are going to have more distributed next week. There is already a lot of talk going on about the opening, so it sounds like this plan worked.