Thoughts and Opinions from a Christian

Exterior Painters Did a Great Job

When I decided to start fixing my house up, I made two lists. On the first list were things that I could do myself, such as repairing the back deck, cutting down a few small trees, and other things like that. On the second list, I wrote things down that I needed help with. There were only a few things on that list, but the main one was getting a company that does house painting in Morris County NJ because I wanted the entire exterior of my house painted.

Even if I was younger and in better health, I still would have saved this job for a professional. First off, my house is three stories tall with the attic on it. I don’t even have a ladder that would reach every crook and nanny of the house. Also, I am not a huge fan of heights. That is why my house is rarely decked out with Christmas lights, because there is no way I am putting them up there myself. Also, I knew that it would look much better if a professional painted the house, because I didn’t have the proper equipment to do it myself.

I wanted a company that would scrape away the old paint, apply the best quality paint, and then take care of all the trim too. Since the house is higher than most, I also wanted a company that has insurance. I prayed that nothing would happen to the workers, but I still did not want to be financially responsible should one of them have an accident. I had a long list of requirements for the company that I hired, and the one that ended up doing the work was able to meet all of them without any problems. The house looks much nicer thanks to the paint job they did, and I may have them help me with some interior painting next!