Dish is the Best Choice for Us

My husband told me that I would have to decide whether Dish TV is right for you or not. I was hoping he would tell me which TV service to go with, but he told me that I should just research the different companies and pick out the one that was the best fit for our family. I looked at everything about Dish, because I wanted to make sure that they had all the channels that our family enjoys. I was happy to see that they have a large variety of programming packages, because that meant that we would basically get the channels that we want instead of paying for a lot of channels that don’t even get watched.

With our former cable company, there were only two levels of programming. One was very basic and had few of the channels that we enjoy watching, while the other had every single channel, most of which we were not interested in. With Dish though, they have plans starting with the Smart Pack, which has 55 channels, and ending with the America’s Everything PAK, which includes all of the channels as well as the premium movie channels like HBO, Showtime, and The Movie Channel.

There are also four programming plans in between the two extremes, ranging from 120 channels to 250 channels. The Top 200 was the perfect plan for our family because it has the sports channels for my husband and son, the Disney channels for my daughter, and the channels devoted to women’s programming for me. There were all sorts of bonuses for choosing Dish too, including free movie channels for a few months, so it really was an easy choice to make once I sat down and looked at all of the information. We have had Dish now for a few months, and we are very happy with our choice.


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