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The Birth of a New Company

One of my friends and I had an idea for a new company. I had an idea for an ice cream maker that could be taken on the go, and my friend said that it would be a good idea to learn more about incorporation of company, because it would help me in getting the ice cream maker to as many people as possible. I liked my friend’s idea, so I looked online for information about how to set up my own company, and came across a helpful website. After a few simple steps, my company was finally born.

I had a prototype for the ice cream maker, but I needed to make a final product that could be produced on a large scale. I went to a company that could make the product for me using a 3D printer and the final product was born. I made an agreement with them to use their printer to create the parts for the ice cream maker and my friend and I would assemble them all. We had to get some boxes made to house the ice cream maker and went to an advertising company to make some print and video ads.

When the ice cream maker was finally time to hit the market, my friend and I were nervous about the whole thing. We wondered what would happen if no one bought our product. We put so much work into making the ice cream maker and starting the company, but we weren’t prepared to deal with the possibility that the company may disappear and we would be left with nothing to show for it. Luckily, our fears were just in our heads, because customers liked out ice cream maker so much that we were able to sell out of our initial stock.


A Poker Site That is Legitimate

I have always loved to play poker. I used to play online when I was younger because I did not know anyone in the area who also played. I stopped playing online though when I started having regular games with some guys from work. I liked those games much better because I was actually able to win a lot more. It is not that I was that much better than the other guys. I just rarely won online poker! That changed when a bloke told me about He told me that while he made decent money playing at our regular games, he really was taking home much more at this website.

I decided to give it a try because I wanted to play a high stakes game too. I figured I could afford to play for a little bit to see if this poker game site was truly different. All I can say is that I was convinced in no time. First off, they have nice bonuses on their games. Second off, they have a lot of games. Third, they actually do pay! I played small stakes for the first few days just to test the waters, and I actually won a few of the games.

What is impressive about that is that I won more playing on this site in one week than I did on all the other sites combined, which was for several months. That encouraged me, so I upped my betting, just to see if that was a lure to draw me in for bigger pots. Well, I still won now and again, enough for me to know that this site is definitely legitimate about paying people who like to play there. I still do my in person games, but I have a lot more fun being able to play poker both ways now.