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Taking the Next Step in Digital Data Presentation

With the help of developer companies such as Massive Infinity mobile app development, your company can be on its way to digital transcendence. No longer does a company or even an individual need to rely on a website to relay their data. Think of the digital platforms now as environments in which we’re able to immerse the end user in. It’s not going to be appropriate for every business, blogger or what have you to utilize this level of development and websites will continue to be a ‘thing’ in the coming future. Yet, there is more to come. Bleeding edge technology is going to change how we engage with data.

It’s been less than a decade since we’ve really established the smart phone market. Next came tablets. What’s beyond these devices? It’s all about how we’re engaging with the data itself and how the data is presented. Read the rest of this entry »


Fun Times in the Water

On a whim, a friend decided to have a pool party at the Seaside Residences in Siglap. It was a pretty funny idea, considering that the building is by the sea, yet he wanted the party confined to a pool. Either way, I was ready to go because I love a good pool party. My friend planned the party out a month in advance, which gave me enough time to get to the gym and exercise some of my flab away. I wanted to have everything looking tight and toned so when I stepped into the water, there would be nothing but muscle showing. I’m not particularly muscular, but with enough exercise I can look pretty fit.

My friend requested that everyone bring a water gun to the party so they could have a little water war. Read the rest of this entry »


Save a Bundle on Your Home Electricity

One way I saved money in retirement was to change my Pittsburgh electricity company. I retired recently from a local legal firm and thought I’d saved enough money to weather the retirement years, but I also knew emergencies can happen and that I would need to jettison some costly expenditures that I might not be able to afford a few years down the road. The biggest savings I made by far was by going online and finding other options for my home energy. I should have done it earlier since the bill has been going up for years, but now was the time to do it for real.

When I saw that I actually had a number of options, I was surprised. Read the rest of this entry »


We Didn’t Want to Move, but We Had to in Order for Me to Keep My Job

I’ll tell you that I was not actually pleased that my only choice to keep my job was to move to a position in another region of the country. The company I worked for was moving its laboratory operations to Utah. I did not want my wife to have to give up her job, but she told me that my job paid more and the benefits were too much to give up. We found ourselves looking for apartments in Taylorsville Utah. We had the kids look with us to pick a place.

When we saw the website for the Autumn Glen Apartments, the kids honed in on a couple of things. The first was the swimming pool, and the second was that the pet policy allowed pets. Read the rest of this entry »