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What It Means to Remain Christian when Writing for the World

emergency artist backOne possible problem or challenge that a Christian author may face is how to effectively express his or her views and hold on to their foundational Christian beliefs when trying to write for the public at large. The reason this can be problematic is because sometime, Christian values and ideals are not readily acceptable by the public. On the other hand, those with similar views and a Christian background, can appreciate what these authors have to say and find it a great source of inspiration in their lives.

Maintaining strong Christian principles despite what a portion of the populace thinks of it, is in fact part of being a Christian. Staying true to the teachings of The Bible and Jesus Christ within it is what those of the Christian faith believe they have been asked to do. This extends to those who choose to write of their life over the Internet. Read the rest of this entry »


Keeping an Audience As a Christian Writer

Christian Artists Worldwide Entertainment Group - Your Booking Agency ...It is not easy to be a Christian writer. Christian artists, musicians, and writers all have to struggle with gaining a following. Of course people who share the same beliefs will support you, but you want to find a way to increase your followers. How do you keep the interest of readers in a world where only negative and provocative things sale? It can be a challenge, and it involves tapping strongly into your faith for inspiration.

One of the ways we have seen secular artists reach out to others is by relating to them on a human basis. Although we all have different beliefs, we still have one thing in common. We are all human. We are all people, and we are all either searching for or living out a purpose in this world.

Some people find it hard to follow someone who constantly discusses their religious beliefs. If they can’t relate to what you are saying, then they don’t want to read about it. There are ways that you can gain an audience outside of the Christian community. The first thing you have to remember is that we all experience struggles at some point in life.

Even those who do not believe in God will experience hard times occasionally. Discussing difficult moments in life could be a great way to draw readers in. It is not necessary to completely eliminate God’s name from your writings. On the other hand, talking about Him too much might deter some readers. Positive writing geared towards motivation and sensitivity might be the key to drawing in more secular readers.

It is possible to increase your audience as a Christian writer. You can still write about Christianity, because there will always be an audience for that. However, uplifting and inspirational writings might appeal more to those who do not share your beliefs.