Cheap Storage Units for Singapore

My son is going to be moving gout of the house soon, which is something that we have been encouraging him to do for years. He needs to try to make it on his own, and I know that he will not be able to become self-sufficient, when he is living at home. That is just the truth of the matter. I do want to help him out a bit still though. I have been looking on the website for to try to find the rates on their storage units.

My son is not going to have enough room in his new apartment, in order to fit all of the items he owns in it. I am not going to allow for him to keep belongings at our house, because we need the space. We are going to be turning his former room into a room that will serve an entirely different purpose. It is going to become a home office for my husband, and I think it will suit that purpose marvelously.

I am going to pay for the storage unit for my son, because I feel a little bit bad that we are kicking him out. I know it is for his own good, but I can’t help but feel a little twinge of remorse. Anyway, I thought it was the least that I could do, to offer to pay for storage, so that he would not have to throw away anything he owns, during the process of the move. I just hope that it does not cost a lot of money to store his stuff. I know he is going to ask for a climate-controlled storage unit, but right now, I am not really sure it I would want to foot the bill for something like that.


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