Car Accidents Can Be Pretty Painful

I was in a lot of pain from a car accident. When I was taken to the emergency room, they gave me pain medication because it was unbearable. The next morning, I was released. I was given a prescription for more pain medicine, but I wanted to try and get through the pain without taking it. It was an honorable notion, but an impossible one too because the pain was just too bad. I finally made an appointment with a chiropractor in Santa Maria two days later because I was concerned that I had taken 10 pain pills already, which is a lot for someone like me.

I did not want to become any more reliant on them than what I was just for those couple of days. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but I had heard enough that they take a natural approach to healing. Not only do people go there to avoid surgery, but they also go so they don’t have to take pain pills too. I was able to get in that day after telling them I was in a car accident. The care they showed even before I stepped into their office was pretty amazing.

When I went in, they were able to tell from the hospital reports what had happened. I had a CT scan and X-rays that I had with me, and the chiropractor did his own physical exam on my body. I was able to lie down, face down, while he checked my back, and he could tell from the feel as well as my grunts of pain where the issues were. I had a series of adjustments starting that day, and I never had to take another pain pill due to that accident. I am so thankful that I started seeing that chiropractor, something I am still doing for preventative measures now.


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