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Birds Were Becoming a Nuisance

When one of my customers complained that a bird had did his business on her head, I knew that something had to be done. While some people may think that is pretty funny when it happens, I am in the opposite camp. I know that birds carry a multitude of disease, and I also knew that it was not good for business if it happened on a regular basis. I went online and did a search for bird control in New Jersey. I wasn’t sure what I could do to get the large amount of birds that were hanging around to leave, but I thought there would have to be some tips that I could use to help the problem.

What I found was even better. I had no idea that there was a company that is devoted to solely this issue. I learned a good bit about the problems with birds on their website, and that opened my eyes even more. Now understand, we are not talking about a handful of birds. There can be upwards of a hundred or more on my roof at any given time. Even for people who are not afraid of birds, this can look pretty daunting.

I contacted the company that does bird removal to see what could be done. As I said, I had already read everything on their website, so I knew some of the methods that they use. I also read where they handle this in an extremely humane way, which also pleased me. I would not have used this company if their methods included traps or poison. I may not want the birds around, but I did not want to kill or torture them either. We decided that putting spikes on the roof would be the best course of action, and it is the only one we needed to do! The birds are no longer a nuisance for me or my customers.