An Old but Valuable Rug Looks Brand New

I needed assistance with rugs in Santa Monica because my family owns a very valuable rug that’s been in the family for several generations and we planned on selling it. The only problem is that we found some damage on the underside of the rug that we didn’t notice previously, damage that would severely depreciate its worth. This rug was originally owned by a very big mover and shaker in the early days of Hollywood and there are several photographs of this person’s home from back in the 1920s where you can see this rug prominently displayed. Obviously, we wanted to fix it.

We found a shop that buys and sells rugs, but they also do repairs. They’re not fixing that rug you bought from a retailer a few years ago, but rather working on very expensive rugs that are expected to last for generations. They were perfect for what we needed so we brought the rug in and explained its history. Needless to say the people at the store took great interest in the rug. All of the people who worked there came over to take a look at it and they seemed impressed with it and wanted to do a great job fixing it.

It took a few days, but when the called and said we could come in and collect the rug we did feel a little worried. Any mistake could cost us thousands upon thousands of dollars. We needn’t have worried because they did a beautiful restoration of the rug. It looks better than I’ve ever seen it and I’ve been around the rug for forty years. We’re positive that we’ll get a great amount of money for the rug from the auction and I’m positive the next owner will appreciate the repair work that went into it.


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