An EC Too Nice to Not Want

I wanted to learn everything possible about parc life because as soon as I saw pictures of it, I was drawn to it. I went to the official website to gather the information I needed. This was a huge move for me because while I had always planned on doing something like this, I was not planning on it for several more years. I knew that if others were immediately drawn to this place as well though, that I might miss out if I did not take advantage of it now.

I was able to get the general facts easily enough. It is situated on nearly 200 thousand square feet of property. There are 11 different blocks there, and each one has 12 levels to it. Altogether, there are 522 units there. The square footage for each condo is impressive as well. The two bedroom units are nearly 800 square feet, and the four bedroom units are over 1300 square feet. The materials used to create an indoor oasis are top quality, and the craftsmanship is second to none. Ceramic tile, quality finishes and timber parquet are just a few of the things that make the interior as classy as it is for each unit.

The kitchen uses top of the line appliances and materials for the counters and cupboards. There are two different themes, which really allows a person to get a unit that matches their personality perfectly. The first is the warmer scheme, and the other is the metropolitan scheme. As soon as I saw images of the metropolitan, I knew that was the one that I wanted. I am so glad that I went to the website to get more information, because that is how I ended up knowing that I was going to move quickly on this to make one of the units my very own.


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