Affordable Masonry Contractor in Nassau County NY

We have had our fair share of rain this spring. Too much if you ask me. After five straight days of rain this week, I went into my basement and noticed a crack in a wall and water was slowly seeping in. This was not good and could potentially turn into a huge problem in the near future. I decided to contact a masonry contractor in Nassau County NY that I used on previous projects around the house. It was so refreshing that they remembered me and were very attentive in helping me with the problem in my basement.

They had an opening this afternoon and were able to stop by and evaluate the crack in my basement wall. After assessing the extent of the damage to the wall they came up with a plan of action that was very affordable for me. They scheduled a team of workers to arrive at my house the very next morning to start repairing the crack in the wall. They were very confident that it would only take one day to complete the work, which made me very happy. As soon as they left I began moving everything in the basement to prevent water damage to my treasures and to give the crew plenty of space to work without bumping into things.

I eagerly awaited the arrival of the crew the next morning and they actually arrived 15 minutes early. Talk about being prompt. They immediately brought in the equipment and supplies needed to fix the wall. I will admit that I was nervous about the whole situation. I busied myself with yard work to keep my mind off of the work being done in the basement. A couple of hours later, the crew foreman came to me and announced that they were finished and that I should not have any problems once the patchwork was completely dry. What a relief that was.


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