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A Shower Addition to the Master Bathroom

When my husband and I bought our home, I was thrilled that there was a master bathroom. It did not bother me that it was a bit dated because we got the house for a lower price than I had budgeted for, so I knew that we could afford to make some changes before we moved in. The master bathroom was my project while my husband took care of the other things that needed to be fixed or redone. I started looking at companies that sell shower enclosures in New Jersey because I knew I definitely wanted us to have a shower that is separate from the tub.

There was a closet that ran the entire length of the bathroom, so I knew that we could take some of that space for a shower enclosure. I only needed about half the closet space for towels and toiletry items. I found a company that is not far from me, and I was able to look at their different shower enclosures right on their website. I really liked the ones that had several built in shelves, which would free up a bit more space in the closet since I could put shampoos, conditioners and bottles of body wash right in the shower.

The hard part for me was picking the one that I liked the best. You would think that a shower enclosure would be similar to any other, but that is simply not the case. I narrowed it down to two that I really liked, and I had my husband pick the final choice because I just could not decide between the two. I am so happy that we did this before we even moved in since that meant it was ready for us on day one. I am beyond happy with how the master bathroom is now.