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A Poker Site That is Legitimate

I have always loved to play poker. I used to play online when I was younger because I did not know anyone in the area who also played. I stopped playing online though when I started having regular games with some guys from work. I liked those games much better because I was actually able to win a lot more. It is not that I was that much better than the other guys. I just rarely won online poker! That changed when a bloke told me about He told me that while he made decent money playing at our regular games, he really was taking home much more at this website.

I decided to give it a try because I wanted to play a high stakes game too. I figured I could afford to play for a little bit to see if this poker game site was truly different. All I can say is that I was convinced in no time. First off, they have nice bonuses on their games. Second off, they have a lot of games. Third, they actually do pay! I played small stakes for the first few days just to test the waters, and I actually won a few of the games.

What is impressive about that is that I won more playing on this site in one week than I did on all the other sites combined, which was for several months. That encouraged me, so I upped my betting, just to see if that was a lure to draw me in for bigger pots. Well, I still won now and again, enough for me to know that this site is definitely legitimate about paying people who like to play there. I still do my in person games, but I have a lot more fun being able to play poker both ways now.